Most Common Reasons For Needing Roof Repair

Your roof has been struck by a fallen tree limb. As much effort as is made to try and get people to cut back on the tree limbs that overhang their home, people just never get it done. Tree limbs from a person’s own property or that of a neighbor are one of the leading causes for roofing damage. Roof damage caused by a fallen branch is also one of the easiest accidents to prevent. The problem is that during normal circumstances a hanging tree branch may seem like an innocent enough problem for your house but as soon the wind starts up or a heavy rain comes, that tree branch turns into a sitting bomb. Even branches that look like they wouldn’t do too much damage to your house can cause thousands of dollars in damage when they fall during bad weather.

The other big issue with tree branches is that once they have already crashed into your roof, they are very hard to get off. You will probably need to hire a special tree removal crew to extract the fallen tree from your roof. After the tree branch has been extracted the roof will still need to be repaired and large areas of the roof may actually need to be replaced. In the case that you have had a tree limb fall onto your roof, call a Contact a roofing company right away, even if there does not appear to be damage to the roof, there still might be damage you can’t see.

Water damage to the roof. People think that water damage to a roof only occurs when there has been a serious downfall of rain on the home. In fact, most water damage happens slowly over time and is often times invisible to the naked eye. Water damage can be provoked by many different conditions and it is not always because of the rain. In areas of the country that receive high levels of humidity, the water damage might be slowly seeping into areas of the wood, beneath the roofing tiles and cause decay to happen in large areas. The best way to avoid water damage is to regularly coat your roof with water protective sealants. If there has been a strong storm recently with heavy water levels, you might consider calling a roof corp. in to make an inspection of the roof. Water damage can be treated easily if it is caught before it gets bad.

Roof decay caused by time. You shouldn’t take the condition of your roof for granted and just assume that the roof is in good shape. One of the most commonly seen problems with the roof is that it has been neglected over long periods of time. The roof, like every other part of the house must be repaired from time to time and in some cases even replaced.