Windsor County Partners

Join the WCP Board of Trustees

WCP seeks new, qualified candidates to fill current and future vacancies on our working Board or its committees. Please consider recommending yourself or another potential candidate. We look for individuals who can make a volunteer commitment to the organization and add to the Board’s balance of skills, initiative and experience. Read on for a complete job description.


Requirements of a Trustee include agreeing to serve the board for a two or three year term, attending our monthly Board meetings one evening of each month, donating and raising funds for the organization, serving as an ambassador for our mentoring program to help recruit new volunteers, serving on a committee, and supporting special projects and fundraisers, as needed.

Committee members support the Board with topic-specific work, typically meeting regularly throughout the year. These individuals need not serve on the Board, but should expect to attend about monthly meetings and work independently to support the work of the committee.

Current WCP committees and a general list of their work include the following:

Executive/Steering Committee

  • Provides direction for long and short term program goals (including the strategic plan);
  • Makes necessary decisions between board meetings; 
  • Oversees and annually reviews Executive Director; 
  • Plans for other personnel and administrative resources. 

Board Development Committee

  • Recruits new Trustees to increase the size and scope of participation of the Board;
  • Incorporates new individuals from diverse backgrounds and geographic regions;
  • Oversees orientation and training of new Board Trustees;
  • Oversees committee structure.

Development Committee

  • Provides guidance and support for all annual and capital fundraising;
  • Works with the Executive Director to set annual fund goals for dollars, donors, and new and increased gifts;
  • Assists with planning and implementing stewardship events and recognition activities;
  • Solicits leadership gifts, corporate donors and sponsorships.

Marketing Committee

  • Increases the public awareness of the organization and its activities;
  • Increases the number of adult volunteers (beyond just Senior Partners);
  • Provides guidance on how to retain current volunteers;
  • Develops methods to communicate with past and current volunteers;
  • Engages in presentations.

Recruitment Committee

  • Identifies and recruits potential mentors in cooperation with staff;
  • Establishes liaisons within community groups;
  • Works in cooperation with Marketing Committee on outreach;
  • Develops and maintains a Speaker’s Bureau;
  • Engages in presentations and tabling.

Individuals interested in Board service should contact the office.

Board of Trustees Job Description

I. General Description:

The Board of Trustees is the governing body of Windsor County Partners. The Board sets policy; provides fiduciary and legal oversight; hires, values, and evaluates the Executive Director; and takes responsibility for supporting and sustaining the health of the agency. Other management and oversight activities are embedded in Standing or Ad-hoc Committees.

II. Responsibilities:

Each Trustee is expected to serve both the organization, as a whole, and the Board, as a governing unit of that organization. The following responsibilities are divided among these two groups.  In addition, the Board expects each Trustee to personally commit to annually give as generously as your personal circumstances allow.

A. For the Organization:

1. Become an ambassador of the organization to actively share the organization’s mission and functions within the community. This may involve occasional participation in Partnership events and trainings.

2. Assure open communication with the Executive Director to support and value his or her performance in providing organizational leadership.  This work includes hiring a new director when necessary, and establishing and following a consistent performance evaluation process.

3. Ensure adequate organizational resources to accomplish the mission of the organization.  This includes regular and full participation in Annual Appeals, and other fundraising activities events.

4. Assure the development, completion, and monitoring of regular and consistent strategic planning and evaluation work to ensure the organization’s continued connection to its mission, to steward the organization for the long-term and to enhance the organization’s public image.

5. Assure that the organization regularly develops, updates, and monitors policies. Assure appropriate fiscal oversight to ensure the financial integrity of the organization, and that it manages its resources effectively.

B. For the Board:

1. Become familiar with the agency’s institutional history, objectives, services, By-Laws, financial status, and its relationship to other area agencies.  The Board Development Committee and the Executive Director will help new Trustees with these tasks.

2. Attend and actively participate in regularly scheduled monthly Board meetings.

3. Assure the Board’s continued health and renewal, and regularly assess its own performance.

4. Clarify charges to, and the work of, committees, including the assignment of committee members, and become active on one or more committees.

5. Assure overall effective use of Trustee’s individual skills and talents, with particular attention to assuring that each Trustee substantially contributes to sustaining the capacity and health of organization.

6. Assure that there is a plan for developing resources that allows every Trustee to play a productive role in fundraising for the organization.

7.Uphold the Board Member Agreement, as well as the overall ethics of the organization in all dealings with or for Windsor County Partners.

III. Time Commitment:

Trustees should expect to commit a minimum of five hours per month. The Board meets regularly on the second Wednesday of each month. Meetings generally last about two hours, and sometimes these meetings include breaking out into committees. In addition, our Annual Meeting is generally held each summer, and committees meet on an as-needed basis. Fundraising is ongoing, year-round and requires the greatest time commitment outside of regular Board meetings (approximately one hour per month).

IV. Term of Office:

Trustees serve a two- or three-year, renewable term of office that officially begins the date of the next scheduled Annual Meeting when Corporation Members ratify the full Board slate. However, the Board may fill a vacancy at any time during the year.

V. Qualifications:

Trustees must possess a strong commitment to support vulnerable children and youth. They should also enjoy representing and promoting Windsor County Partners in and to the wider community. Trustees may have skills in leadership, management, financial, fundraising, educational, psychological, or social service work.