Windsor County Partners

Actions You Can Take Immediately to Help Our Community’s Youth Thrive

Our children are our future. Check out the ideas below and support the healthy development of the young minds and bodies that are the future workforce, leaders, volunteers, and caretakers of our community.

  • Go online to one or more of the websites listed on our resource page to become more informed.
  • Refuse to purchase or provide alcohol for persons under age 21.
  • Contact a local mentoring program to volunteer your time to work with a youth or to refer a child for placement on the waiting list.
  • Help form and support a teen club or a youth dance in your town or chaperone another similar event.
  • Call to confirm where your child is going before he/she leaves the house.
  • Become involved in planning substance-free prom or graduation activities.
  • Take home and read some of the information available today and educate the children close to you about the risks and harms from alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs.
  • Reduce or quit smoking and/or teach your child to never start smoking.
  • Talk to youth in your church and neighborhood and find out their interests and concerns.
  • Model responsible alcohol practices by limiting your own alcohol consumption. In general, model a healthy and substance-free lifestyle for your kids.
  • Learn more about what is going on with youth today and become actively involved in your children’s lives on a DAILY basis!